Our trainers give over 400 training sessions per year on our products’ various functionalities and applications.

These free sessions for all Prospects users are your best guidance and assistance resource. Browse the calendar below and apply for the sessions you wish to attend. Learn quickly how to get the best of your Prospects solution!

Note that we also give private training sessions. Contact us for more info.


Date Time Session Register
2017-06-01 11:00 AM (EDT) Publishing Your Listings on Facebook (CRM, CRM PRO in Quebec) More infoRegister
2017-06-01 1:00 PM (EDT) The Match! Feature (CRM PRO) More infoRegister
2017-06-02 1:00 PM (EDT) Discover Prospects Mobile! (MOBILE) More infoRegister
2017-06-06 4:00 PM (EDT) Prospects' Electronic Document Manager (EDM) More infoRegister
2017-06-06 1:00 PM (EDT) The Market Report (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-07 3:00 PM (EDT) How To Get Started (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-08 1:00 PM (EDT) Managing Your Contacts (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-08 11:00 AM (EDT) Determining The Market Value of A Property (CRM PRO) More infoRegister
2017-06-08 1:00 PM (EDT) Virtual Postcards (CRM PRO) More infoRegister
2017-06-13 1:00 PM (EDT) Mailing - Creating Text Templates (CRM, CRM PRO in Quebec) More infoRegister
2017-06-14 1:00 PM (EDT) Managing Your Showings (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-15 1:00 PM (EDT) The Prospects Sales Manager (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-16 1:00 PM (EDT) Time Management With Our Calendar (CRM) More infoRegister
2017-06-28 11:00 AM (EDT) Using Actions Plans (CRM, CRM PRO in Quebec) More infoRegister