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What are the minimum requirements to use Prospects?

Since Prospects is not a software that you must download on your computer, you only need an internet connection to use it. You can use Prospects with a Mac or a Windows PC Operating system.

What browser can I use with Prospects?

You can use Prospects with any of the popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as other browsers like Opera.

Can I import my contacts?

Yes, you can import contacts from other softwares such as Gmail, iCloud, Top Producer and many others.

To import contacts in Prospects, you must first export them from your other software. This must be done in either vCard or CSV format, which are the two most popular formats used in contact manager softwares.

Is it possible to work as a team in Prospects?

Yes! In the Prospects PRO solution, you can share your database with colleagues. Pertinent data such as contacts and calendars then becomes accessible to all team members.

The Prospects for Teams solution goes further by enabling you to establish a concerted action plan by assigning specific tasks to each collaborator, and much more. It’s free!

When you create a team platform, all members must sign a data sharing agreement.

Check out the Prospects for Teams solution here.

What types of training do you offer?

You can learn quickly how to get the best of your Prospects solution by attending one or many of our online training sessions, which are free for all Prospects users. You can browse and subscribe to the training sessions here.

We also give private training sessions. Contact us for more info.

You can learn on your own by watching our online tutorials here.

Can I use Prospects from my Android or iPad tablet?

The Prospects Mobile and Mobile Synchonization solutions have been specifically designed for mobile devices.

The other solutions have not yet been optimized for mobile devices, so you may encounter some technical difficulties. We’re working on it!

My username or password is not recognized.

First, make sure you have selected the proper real estate board.

Then, make sure you enter the correct username and password. These may have been given to you by your real estate board, or you may have chosen them on your own.

If you still can’t connect, contact your real estate board if your access to Prospects is provided by them. If not, contact us and we’ll log you in.