Prospects CRM PRO

The solution for those who want to outpace the competition.

Get a full head start! In addition to all of Base CRM’s functionalities, CRM PRO offers a wide array of management, communication and development tools that will enable you to go beyond your objectives. These tools have been developed in collaboration with real estate brokers intent on providing impeccable service to an ever-demanding clientele.


For as low as 33.25$ per month

*1 user, yearly subscription

Group deals bring an even lower price!

Sales objectives and commissions analysis

Get a clear picture of your progress, sales objectives and commissions in a glance on a dynamic graphic chart.

Action plan

Prospects PRO saves you the hassle of redundant data entry! The software automatically programs all the activities that are tied to sales or brokerage contracts in your calendar, to ensure reliable and outstanding follow-ups.

Amazing mailing

Prospects PRO offers a hassle-free mailing solution. You can print or email hundreds of letters in seconds using templates you can customize or use as is. We provide templates for every occasion, such as notices, thank you notes, solicitation letters and more.

Facebook Posting

Social media is now a big part of real estate brokerage. Prospects PRO can automatically post your new listings, prices changes, open houses on your Facebook business page.

Connected to your website

You can link your website to your database via embedded query forms and secure customer zones.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Set yourself apart and impress your clients with this great feature! Its multiple personalization options make it very flexible, and it can produce a clear assessment of the value of any property in a beautiful document that bears your picture, colors and logo.


Want to stand out? Our Match! feature automatically sends to your clients any new listing that matches their criteria, in a beautiful and detailed file that will surely please. Each sent listing is saved in your contact’s log for future reference, and Prospects notifies you whenever a client views a listing more than once!

Electronic Greeting Cards

Create beautiful e-cards with your picture, letterhead and coordinates in a few seconds!

Activity reports for buyers and sellers

You want to monitor your sales, print or send a transaction result? Prospects calculates commissions, transfers due dates of the conditions in your calendar and even produces performance stats for you.