Prospects EDM

The industry’s most advanced electronic document manager combines evolution and simplicity.

Managing paperwork and real estate documents can rapidly become a real hassle and hinder performance.  Prospects’ EDM solution saves you time and money while getting everyone on the same page.

Get over paper!

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How it works

Prospects EDM is a Mac & PC compatible service which integrates into Prospects CI or Prospects PRO and is connected to your board’s database. It automatically receives, analyzes, classifies, archives and links every file and document to your contacts as well as all pertinent listings, for easy access and optimal management. You can exchange documents with all your collaborators via email or secured links, saving you the trouble of sending heavy files.


Everything is OK

Prospects EDM automatically verifies every document and notifies the broker when it doesn’t comply. It even verifies and registers the scanner that was used in the system log!


A checklist
for your documents

When you create a new file in Prospects EDM, a list of mandatory and suggested documents is displayed. Since mandatory documents vary depending on the listing type, you can customize lists by type of property or even by type of transaction. You can view the status of each file in a glance: complete files are green, and files with missing or non-verified documents are red. When a documents is needed to complete a file, Prospects automatically emails a notification to the responsible brokers.


Find your files and documents in a flash!

Thanks to Prospects EDM’s powerful search engine, you can look for files or documents by using filters such as office (for agencies with multiple offices), archive, MLS#, address, transaction type and many more! The Overview feature enables you to visualize documents without having to open them.


All your data is always secure

Prospects Software has 15 years of experience and is trusted by more than 150,000 real estate brokers in North America. To emphasize security, we do not use external (Cloud) services which we could not fully control, but instead possess our own servers, located in different locations on the continent. We have also devised a failsafe security and backup system which guarantees you access to your data in all circumstances.


Be more organized than everyone

Prospects EDM thoroughly notes every communication, file update, sent and received document, among others. It keeps all the old items and documents for reference purposes, and notifiesyou when a document is missing. This feature will help you demonstrate that you are on top of things, and will be essential in case of litigation.